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Please Free Me
by Emma (Last name unknown)

Please free me.
Let me fly
I know my wings are broken and perhaps I'll die.
But I need you more than ever now
to help me on my way
Throw me to the wind,
then forget me please
I pray.

For I do not want to hear a thing
I do not want to see
All I want is to fly
and forever to be free.

Toowoomba Queensland Australia - ( YTWB )
Elevation - 2086 feet
Time Zone - UTC + 10
Location - S 27 32.6 E 151 55.0 Var - 11° E


Airservices Australia Air Services
Airservices Australia - Documents ERSA + AIP
Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Australia CASA
Buraeau of Meteorology - Australia B-O-M.

Recreational Aviation Australia Inc RA-Aus
The Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia SPAA (Aus)
Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Inc SAAA (Aus)
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - Australia AOPA (Aus)
Experimental Aircraft Association - USA EAA (USA)

Darling Downs Aero Club DDAC

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