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  Something for everyone ...

I have a surplus of items and I am lightening the load. These Items are all Private Items and are not for sale through my business ventures. There may even be something amongst this collection that you are looking for.
Items will change on a regular basis as items are sold and other items are included.

There are Computer items, electronics items, office and household items, craft, books, videos and music. There are items too odd to even mention. Please use the menu to the left as your touring guide. I hope you find what you are seeking for.

All items are priced to what I beleive is reasonable or below. You are welcome to inspect all items, with prior arrangement, please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

NOTE :  All items are for private sale only, sold as-is, with no warranty, no exchange and no refunds. For your own peace of mind - inspect prior to purchase.
It is expected that purchasers will be local to Toowoomba and will collect their items.
PAYMENT :  Cash is the only form of payment accepted for the goods listed on this garage sale area.
All items must be paid for prior to taking delivery.
Because the items listed here are for Private sale, No GST is payable on the item(s).

"If you think something is too expensive, you are no doubt right, and I welcome you to continue your search elsewhere."


From Home

There are a lot of items available for you to view on-line and purchases can be made at any time our office is open.

Our Trading Hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday to Wednesday, Local Time.

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