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MicroBlast - Palm Language Compiler - Approximately 60% Complete
MicroBlast is a Windows based IDE Cross Compiler for the Palm PDA. The intention is to have MicroBlast as a multilanguage compiler, although it is initially being created to support Pascal. Other languages being targetted for inclusion are BASIC, C++, and Perl, although there may be additions and variations to this in the future. Some may say C is a more powerful or flexible language and this should be the chosen language to launch MicroBlast, but there are reasons for choosing Pascal. Firstly, MetroWerks CodeWarrior currently supports C and C++, and I am using this platform, so I have already got this language within my repetoir. Secondly, Pascal is a well structured language, that prevents many of the errors that can creap in unnoticed in other languages, from occuring at the compiler parsing stage. Thirdly, once any language is optimized and compiled, they all run about the same speed and the Palm PDA's currently dont have much of that compared to desktop computers.
Palm Resource Compiler - Approximately 80% Complete
In the process of producing the IDE and compiler for MicroBlast, it became obvious that a Palm Resource Compiler was required. There were a number of options, some were less favorable than others. PilRC seemed like a logical choice to create resources that could be included in Palm Applications. The only downside here was that it was an external application that I had little control over. I could have just taken the opensource code and included it in my work, but that is unethical, and would not suit my needs of including the Resource Compiler into the MicroBlast IDE. So, since PilRC is (in my opinion) a suitable syntax for resource files, I have chosen to mimic their structure, and create my version of a Resource compiler based on PilRC V3.0 syntax.
Pilots Companion - Approximately 20% Complete
Pilots Companion is a Palm PDA application to assist pilots both PreFlight and InFlight by making available such items as Whizz-Wheel functions, Visual Flight Guides, Loadable ERSA Airport information, GPS support functions, Moving Map, Unit Conversions, Loadable GAAP information, Teledex, and other information to reduce the pilots workload both on the ground and in the air.


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