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Jan Hermsen - The Netherlands

I am a senior research engineer at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I have my flying roots going back to 1967, Royal Netherlands Air Force. Only trained in a Fokker S11, pityful I never became a F104 Starfighter pilot. After 36 years of "ground service" I finally got my PPL. Since April 2001 I'm building my Cherry and hope to fly the aircraft when I retire in Spring 2008.

Look how the work proceeds in my Web Album at
You can contact me at:

Wolfgang Spang - Germany

Wolfgang has completed construction of his aircraft and is currently preparing for final inspection and his first flight.

Wolfgang has an excellent presentation of his project on his website, I recommend you make the visit.

Phillip Macqueen - Australia

Phillip, (that's me) purchased the plans and Licence No. 232 in November 2005. Because the plans and instructions are mostly written in German (with a Swiss dialect), I am translating the information into English. (Not too hard really).

I have also been sourcing materials, preparing for construction, translating some parts for computerised machine manufacture, and preparing this web site area for my presentation of the Cherry BX-2.


I welcome other Cherry Builders to become a part of my site.

If you are building please email me and I will be only too happy to include your picture, information and link to your web area.

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