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 My Requirements ...

Well you must start somewhere, and before you can select an aircraft, you must know what your requirements for flight are. Do you just need a day tripper or a cruiser, how fast, what touring radius, required payload, galley with coffee machine, (I'm sure you have the picture now), and the list goes on and is long.

So with the desires, goals, thresholds and shatterd dreams all sorted out, this is what became my requirements:

  Design Requirement Target   Threshold  
  Payload (Crew) 155 Kg   145 Kg  
  Payload (Baggage) 40 Kg   25 Kg  
  Range - Radius 820 nm   600 nm  
  Maximum Speed 150 kts   135 kts  
  Cruise Speed 120 kts   110 kts  
  Rate of Climb 1500 fpm   500 fpm  
  Stall Speed - Landing Configuration 40 kts   45 kts  
  Take Off Distance - asphalt 300 m   600 m  
  Landing Distance 300 m   600 m  
  Fuel Burn Rate 12 lph   17 lph  
Proven Design
Single Engine
Dual Control
Reasonable Cabin Space
Detachable Wings - Trailerable
Buildable in my available space
Within my ability to build or learn to build.
 The Cherry BX-2 Designer ...


Max Brändli
Hoeheweg 2
2553 Safnern

Phone/Fax : (0041) 32 - 3551823

e-mail : 

 About the Cherry BX-2 ...

The Cherry BX-2 is a light-weight, two seat side-by-side aircraft of composite construction. The aircraft is constructed from a variety of materials, the major materials (in no particular order), being Wood, Plywood, Fibreglass and epoxy resin, Aluminium, ChromeMoly Steel, Stainless Steel, Phenolic resin, Plexiglass, and Styrodur Foam. Construction is from plans with no kit being available, all construction is expected from using your own manufacturing facilities. Welding and Painting are expected to be contracted to experts in their field to ensure good workmanship. Expected construction time is 3000 hours.

This low-wing monoplane has quick detachable wings and retractable undercarriage. Flap movement is transferred to the ailerons in a reduced rate. The aircraft has a pendulum-elevator with anti-servo-flap trim. The nose-wheel is steerable and incorporates a rubber-block shock-absorber. The main-wheels have a hydraulic braking system which is applied simultaneously from a brake lever. The canopy offers excellent vision in all directions and slides forward for opening. While the rudder is cable controlled, the elevator and aileron movement is transmitted by rod control.

The United States of America, FAR 23, which also applies in Switzerland, was used for load assumptions, speed rating and equipment. This aircraft is designated for the "Experimental" category. A good aerodynamic has been chosen for the aircraft to preserve performance. Good economy and low noise emission are also features of the aircraft. Dimensions have been kept compact rather than having to increase wing aspect ratio.

Permanent hangerage for the aircraft is not a requirement. The horizontal stabilizer is removable and can be stowed in the cockpit and by pulling a bolt, the 30kg wings can be removed. The Cherry and wings can then be loaded onto a simple trailer for transporting and off-field storage. Dis-assembly and loading would take about 15 minutes.

 My Requirements Vs. Cherry BX-2 ...

  Design Requirement Target   Threshold   Cherry BX-2  
  Payload (Crew + Baggage) 195 Kg   170 Kg   178 Kg  
  Range - Radius 820 nm   600 nm   670 nm  
  Maximum Speed 150 kts   135 kts   149 kts  
  Cruise Speed 120 kts   110 kts   118 kts  
  Rate of Climb 1500 fpm   500 fpm   511-1350 fpm  
  Stall Speed - Landing Configuration 40 kts   45 kts   39 kts  
  Take Off Distance - asphalt/(grass) 300 m   600 m   290/380 m  
  Landing Distance 300 m   600 m   150 m  
  Fuel Burn Rate 12 lph   17 lph   11 lph  
Proven Design - YES
Single Engine - YES
Dual Control - YES
Reasonable Cabin Space - YES
Detachable Wings - Trailerable - YES
Buildable in my available space - YES
Within my ability to build or learn to build. - I BELIEVE SO !

I am very pleased that the Cherry BX-2 fits my needs.
At least for my first aircraft.
My journey has begun ...

Thank You

I must express my thanks to Max Brändli, the designer of the Cherry.

Also I thank Wolfgang Spang for email and telephone assistance, & access to information from his web site.

Thank you to all others that have contributed to this web site.

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