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 The Cherry BX-2 Plans ...

The plans come as a package of 136 drawings. Drawing sizes range from A0 to A4. Most drawings are true size (1:1) and appear to be very clear and well documented, except for the German Language which I am translating into English. All dimensions are in metric so for Australians this is a bonus.

The drawings come in three types, 1 - Detail Drawings, 2 - Assembly Drawings and 3 - System, Diagram and Table Drawings. Each drawing is clearly identified by drawing number and drawing type.

The plans are of course protected by the Copyright Act so I can only provide a sample of the drawings.

D001 - Overview

D004 - Bracket

D025 - Flap Plate

S038 - Tail Feathers

D042 - Actuator

 The Cherry BX-2 Paperwork ...

With the Drawings, I also received covering documents which include a Thank-you Letter, an Invoice, a Licence Agreement, a list of recent Cherry Builders and their contact details, an Equivelant Materials table, a Cherry Sticker, a Construction Manual in German, a Construction Manual in translated English, a Plans List, a Materials per Drawing List, a Meterial Suppliers List (useful in Europe) and a Sample Aircraft Flight Manual also in German.

Again, all documentation appears well presented and are being translated into English by myself and with the help of others.

 The CASA Paperwork ...

This is where our Australian Regulations come into force. So a visit to the CASA website is invaluable.

Also a chat here and there with is invaluable, as he is likely to be the inspector of my finished aircraft. He has already directed me to specific CASA documents which are listed below and given advice which was most welcome and of great assistance.

It should be remembered that regulations in our industry are there for a reason, and it is generally safety, the safety of the pilots, the passengers, and everyone else. We may not always like the regulatuions, but hey, thats life, get over it or get out of it. Anyway I can only say that everyone has been a help not a hinderance - thank you.

The documents listed below where downloaded from the CASA website in 2005 and may have changed by the time you are reading this, so if they are important to you, get the original and current version from the CASA website. Also there are documents received from Mr Stephen Dines, again these were received in 2005, and should be checked for currency if you intend to use them.

 CASA PDF Publications ...

Part 21 - Certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and parts - December 2004  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   559 kb.
AC 21.4(2) Amateur Built Experimental Aircraft - Certification - September 2000  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   83 kb.
AC 21.10(0) Experimental Certifications - October 1998  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   110 kb.
AC 21.11(1) Amateur-Built (ABAA) Aircraft - Certification - September 2000  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   97 kb.
AC 21.29(0) Commercial Assistance During Construction of Amateur-Built Experimental Aircraft and Amateur-Built (ABAA) Aircraft - June 2000  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   82 kb.

 Stephen Dines PDF Publications ...

CAR 1998: Selected excertps from Part 45  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   10 kb.
New Requirements for Rego' Marks  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   29 kb.
Instrument Number CASA 885/99  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   6 kb.
Documents to be carried on board the Aircraft  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   7 kb.
Eligibility Form 727  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   35 kb.
Explaination or Maintenance Requirements - Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   51 kb.
Maintenance Logbooks - Getting Started Initial Entries in your aircraft  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   14 kb.
Placards required for Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   42 kb.
Sample Certification LAME Annual Inspection  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   46 kb.
Who can do Maintenance on Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft  -  PDF - Portable Document Format   14 kb.


Copyright of all documents remains with the relevant document owner, no claim to ownership is made by Phillip Macqueen nor by Laser Soft.

Documents are presented here only as another source to documents that are readily available.

Images of Plans are presented with minimal information, sufficient for the purpose of evaluation only. For further information
on the
Cherry BX-2
Plans, you should contact the Designer. See Overview.

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